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Gemini December 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: Currently ruler of 10th house, Jupiter is going through 2nd house in star of Mercury. It seems an action packed month where you will have opportunity to showing your talent at work and reaping the fruits accordingly. Jupiter is further supported by your sign ruler Mercury which is transiting through 5th house. The duo of Jupiter and Mercury is indicating a significant change in professional life. If you were looking for a new job or want to make some changes in career, you will have a chance of doing so.


New job would be according to your satisfaction and salary package would be beyond your expectations. Obviously, the month of October might provide expected opportunities. You might think of establishing new business or else you might establish a supportive unit to main line business. Because of liberal policy of administration or owner you will be able to show your professional abilities.


Transiting Mars in 6th house of competitions can also lend a helping hand to Venus and Mercury in glorifying your image and in society and winning competition. Mars is capable to conquer your rival and enemies, it doesn’t mater whether they are hidden or open.


Love and Relationship: Planetary position is not so encouraging in terms of family atmosphere. You may experience discord in partnership, domestic unhappiness and strained relations with spouse or family members. Law suits can be source of worries and expenditure. Separation or divorce can not be over ruled. If you are in love with someone, you must go slowly.


Health: Due to transiting of certain planets, you will suffer due to infections and blood pressure.


Miscellaneous:  Not a bad period at all, where education or study related matters are concerned. Now you have ability to concentrate on your subjects. Your outstanding performance will put you on top. Now you will taste success whatever you will undertake.  The month of October is also favorable for long as well as short distance journeys.



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