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Gemini August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

The month of August can produce some challenges for you. Mars, one of the most top rated planets for Gemini ascendant, is transiting through your Lagna upto August 19th. Later it will join to your ascendant lord Mercury in Cancer and will remain with it, until Mercury moves into Leo on August 21st.  So at least till the August 21st, you wouldn’t get expected results or success. Some of your key projects can get stuck unnecessarily.


It is good to have confidence as it is necessary to carry out all the day to day pursuits successfully, however overconfidence is always harmful. It seems that throughout this month, you are falling prey to overconfidence. This is certainly a drawback. Your excessive energy and aggression can invite to some unusual incidents. Sometimes you wouldn’t able to utilize your immense knowledge and experience in order to judge a situation.


It is very much likely that you might fall into a trap of your rivals. A possibility of bad health can not be ruled out. If you want to achieve something during this month, the first thing you have to keep a check on your attitude. Try to be more polite and humble with your loved ones, seniors and coworkers as well.


You might get some relief from August 21st onwards as your ruler Mercury will move into Leo. Of course, your sincere efforts would be required to turn the situations in your favor, but good news is that your efforts wouldn’t go unrewarded. Hence be ready to put efforts so that you could utilize the planetary grace to some possible extent.

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