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Capricorn November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: The month begins with Mercury, 6th and 9th ruler, in 10th house and Venus, 5th and 10th ruler, in 9th house. What an opportune planetary position it is!! Those are running any business related to foreign countries and associated with multinational firms will make huge profits in this month. The inflow of money will make you much happy and prosperous. Those are in service and waiting for significant change in professional life, the month of October will may give a major boost in career. Your most of the desires would be fulfilled by planetary transit. Even chances of getting a senior post are highest. Thus, there would be a rise in position as well income. Work burden would be under control and you will capable to manage all the things accordingly. A significance change in living standard would be noticed by you. You would be spending on luxurious items which will enhance your comforts. This month is also encouraging in terms of buying a new car or home. The investment in real estate would be highly profitable. Now you will overcome any kind of hurdle. Your troubleshooting skills will put you on the top. Overall, the month of April is going to highly prosperous. So you can do well where your career and financial position is concerned.


Love and Relationship: The transit of planets is indicating peaceful relationship. Possibly you would be obtaining expected moral and emotional support towards your spouse. This month can bring success in, enterprises, good health, all round prosperity, gain of wealth, and happy married fife. At the same time, your children would be doing well. Chances of celebrating any auspicious ceremony at home would be very high.


Health: Generally a good health would be enjoyed by Capricorn born natives. But, blood related diseases may spoil peace of mind.



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