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Cancer November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance:  Your sign is occupied by noble Jupiter who is presently going through constellation of Mercury. So make best use of your finances. Make investment wisely and keep your bags ready for frequent traveling. The Sun in 3rd house and Mars in 5th house will do their level best to make your life comfortable and full of happiness. The transit of Sun through your house of valor shall help you to gratify your ambition of giving shape to your business. The assistance of your previous friends at right time can prove accommodating in the form of supervision & monetary control. You shall do well in associating yourself with a new employment or business. If you are in job you might get a promotion with the formation of a new post and your promotion might come to you in the form of out of turn promotion. If you are in politics, you might be achieving support of mass. Influence of Jupiter and Saturn on 9th house will make you much popular and successful than ever. In fact, you would capable to dominate your rival. Chances of getting new heights in professional would be on peak.


Love and Relationship: This is a good month where your married life is concerned. Possibly, you might keep a harmonious relationship with your spouse. Even you may have chance of candle light dinner and long drive with her. Such activities will make you much passionate and cheerful. This month is also flourishing for those who are unmarried. Possibly you might share internal feeling with your spouse with out any hesitation. Family atmosphere will be full of all worldly comforts and cheerfulness.


Education and Traveling: Your wish to study in a foreign country might be fulfill. If you were interested in going abroad to complete your degree and you have applied for the same, you will get a chance to do it. Possibly, you will have to go far away from your home town to continuing your further study.


Health: During this month, health isn’t expected to remain good. Hence, don’t be careful, take doctor’s advice timely.




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