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Cancer August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

The ruler of wealth, Sun, is going through house of self till the August 17th. It would be accompanied by your ascendant lord Mercury as it will transit in Cancer upto August 21st. finance wise it seems an encouraging month. You may solid sources of income and all your immediate needs will be fulfilled. You tend to spend money on your own rather than kith and kin. You will purchase more things for your comforts. You will try to satisfy all your needs and wishes that have been suppressed since a long time.


Mercury in the sign of Cancer is not said to be comfortable therefore your emotions can dominate to your logics. You may make some decisions on the spur of the moment rather than using your mind properly.  Obviously such decisions can drag you into problems in some way or another. Possibility of emotional disturbance can not be overruled.


Saturn, the ruler of your relationship, is going through star of Rahu. In astrology Rahu endows unexpected events and foreigners too. So month of August is showing something unusual or unexpected in personal life. If you are already facing some sort of disturbance in perusal life then it can surely aggravate the situation. Even a separation may also take place.


If you are single and fascinated to start a relationship with a foreigner, it can happen during this month itself. At the same time, Rahu can allow a space to grow your online or long-distance relationship this month.


Career wise this is an ordinary month. However, you can expect some relief after August 19th onwards as Mars moves into Cancer.


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