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Aries April 2014 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Planetary Transit: Your sign ruler Mars will remain retrograde throughout this month in Virgo. Here it will be activating to 6th house of struggle, competition, rivals and diseases. Sun will be transiting in your sign Aries from April 14th, whereas Mercury will move into this sign on April 20th.


The month of April will start with Moon in Aries with Ketu. Sun is in 12th house and Moon is aspected by retrograded Saturn and another retrograde planet Mars. Not only your sign, but its ruler is also afflicted. You can encounter numerous challenges. You might be asking yourself “What the heck is going on in my life?”  “Will this ever end?” With retrograde mars in 6th house of struggle and disease, you can sense very easily what is in store for you this month. Though, first few days of this month can cause emotional disturbance and a lack of peace. You wouldn’t able to make a difference between good and bad. Your decisions can certainly backfire.  


If you are working somewhere, try to control your unnecessary aggression and don’t indulge in any debate or argument with your seniors and coworkers as well. It may cost you dearly. In spite of expecting career growth or promotion, try to concentrate on your performance. Most likely you wouldn’t able to perform efficiently at work. 


Channelize your rampant anger and energy in a right direction. You will need to develop an ability to turn a challenge into opportunity. If you could do so, chances of attracting to success can be increased.


Planetary position this month wouldn’t just affect your career and financial matters, but personal life may also remain distressed.  Take care of your health as well.


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