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Aries August 2014 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


With your ascendant lord Mars in Libra; you aren’t going to achieve something extraordinary as far as your career related maters are concerned. The 2nd lord Venus is in 3rd house and presently transiting though Saturn’s constellation. It means that it has something good for you in its store. Undoubtedly career matters are bit wobbly in this month but same can’t be said about the money matters. You can expect regular and solid sources of income and will able to meet all your financial needs.  


On the other hand, work pressure can increase unexpectedly; it depends on you how you deal with challenging situations. And what steps you take to overcome.


Bumpy Mars wouldn’t allow you to use your energy in way that is needed at the moment. Unwanted aggression and overconfidence can dictate you throughout the month. Consequently you can overlook the opportunity that comes your way. In addition to this, your relations with your peers and seniors can be very disruptive.


The house of relationship is severely afflicted since of transiting Mars and Saturn. Apparently despite your best efforts, you wouldn’t able to maintain peace at home. Certain things can remain beyond your reach or control. At certain occasions your spouse can behave weirdly. Your partner’s behavior can add fuel to arguments and disputes. Eventually money, possession or property can be a source of tension of conflict, especially with family members. Try not to complicate your private life during this month.



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