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Aquarius November 2015 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions


Career and Finance: The first half of the month is all set to test your mental strength and patience a well. Transiting Venus in 8th house of worries and unexpected hurdles will try to produce various challenges that can affect your career and financial situation very badly. Servicemen will have unexpected disputes and clashes superiors. Possibilities of promotion or increment would be very low. Even long-awaited wishes would not be fulfilled. Your aggression may hijack your brain and wisdom. As a result, you can make unfavorable decisions and your efforts may not bear the fruits. It would be better to keep on working without many expectations. However, if you will keep patience and keep on putting your best efforts, things can start to work in your favor from October 17. So try to postpone all your important decision and negotiations till first half of month is ended.  It is likely that entrance of Sun in Libra along with Venus can make a big difference and things can change significantly and rapidly as well.


Love and Relationship: Due to malefic influence in the first half of the month, your married will not go smoothly. You might face obstacles in personal life. Unwanted misunderstandings and disputes with your spouse on very small or avoidable issues can spoil marital happiness. At the same time, your children may also produce some tensions. Transiting Sun in 8th house is not favorable for reputation and expected social status. You should not involve yourself in any kind of illegal activity otherwise you may come into a direct trouble.


Health: Due to unfavorable transit of certain planets, you can suffer due to blood pressure, heart disease and eye problem. A possibility of surgery or hospitalization can not be ruled out.


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