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Aquarius August 2013 Horoscope Monthly Astrology Predictions

The month of August can be considered as favorable because transiting Saturn your ruler, in Libra has lot of to offer for you. Saturn has potential to invoke your philosophical thoughts and habit to do justice with everyone. You will love to solve other people’s problems and may extend helping hand for those in need. These things will bring appreciation and somewhat fame for you. You will find yourself full of enthusiasm and would be motivated to achieve the target that you have set.


On the professional level, I can expect some significant changes. You would be in a position where you can make some important decisions pertaining to your career. Luckily most of these decisions will turn out beneficial for you. A promotion or some other kinds of gains are clearly seen as your 10th lord Mars is going through sign of Gemini along with the planet of wisdom – The Jupiter. In astrology Jupiter endows expansion while Mars is known for tremendous energy. So combination of Jupiter and Mars in 5th house of creativity definitely would be an advantage for those who are looking to do something unique and innovative.


The month of August can offer mixed results where your relationships are concerned as ruler of your relationship is passing through 6th house of mental anxieties and disputes. Although transiting Venus in 7th house till August 11th will do its level best to nullify any possible confront between you and your partner, a few days from August 11th to August 17th can be challenging as on 17th Sun will be entering into Leo that will surely secure your relationships, especially long terms relationship.


Health will remain all right. Long-distance or foreign travel can be very beneficial, so don’t shun it if you get opportunity to travel!

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