Love & Relationship Predictions

Marriage Report

relationship predictionsA must have report for those who are looking to get married or already married, but having some issues in married life. Apart from discussing marriage time, possibility of second marriage, children, life after marriage etc. The report predicts future course of marriage and relationship events and that too very precisely and straightforwardly. Read More & Get your Marriage Prospects

Love prospects

love charts analysisBustling with excitement to know when will you meet soul mate or want to know how your love will be in future? Does your partner love you or he/she is cheating on you? Love prospect is designed to address all such concerns. Almost every question related to your sweetheart and love life would be covered. A perfect report for singles and love birds as well. Know more about your love life & Get Your Love Prospects

Matchmaking Analysis

compatibility for marriageThis service is for those who want to match two horoscopes for marriage or long-term relationship. It is also called horoscope matching or marriage compatibility. We assure you wouldn’t regret, if you marry a person we recommend after matching horoscopes. Let a Vedic astrologer assist you in selecting a right match for you. Read More & Order Your Matchmaking Analysis.

Muhurat for Marriage

Muhurat for marriageHave you already found your partner and now going to marry him or her? Let us suggest a most auspicious date and time to celebrate marriage ceremony or tie the nuptial knot. A good Muhurat is said to enhance positivity, protect from evils and ensures a lasting relationship.
Read More & Get Your Muhurat for Marriage

Detailed Life Report

readings for lifeA report that includes many reports! By having this detailed report, you will get predictions on various aspects of life. Whether it is career, finance, love, relationship, health, foreign travel everything would be covered. Go the main page of it and read full detailed description.
Read More & Get Detailed Life Report

Gemstone Recommendation

gemstone for love relationshipThere are so many ways and remedies to fix or resolve relationship issues, wearing a gemstone is one of the most popular and effective remedies. After analyzing your birth chart and other concerned divisional charts and synthesizing planetary positions in these charts with ongoing planetary periods, we suggest a gemstone that can work like a charm for you. Read More & Get your Gemstone Report for Love, Marriage and Relationship

Dosha and Remedies

marital problems astrologyOne of the most sophisticated reports that come with a detailed analysis of planetary positions and evil combinations which are affecting your relationship, personal or love life consistently and unnecessarily. Apart from relationship, all other areas of life also would be discussed and easy to follow, inexpensive remedies would be suggested. Read More & Solve Your Relationship and Marital Problems

Mangal Dosha Analysis

troubled relationshipIt has been considered most evil and dreaded Yoga or Dosha to demolish marital happiness in one way o another. Enjoying the fruits of marriage/relationship becomes hard and beyond the reach. Let our Vedic astrologers analyze your birth chart to figure the position of Mars. Appropriate remedies would be re recommended, if we find Mangal Dosha is obstructing relationship. Read More & Order your Mangalik Dosha Report

Ask Love & Relationship Questions

love relationship quotationsWe have suggested you so many detailed reports so far. If by chance you don’t need any one of them at this stage. You just have 1 to 3 specific questions and looking for their answers, give a try to this service.Read More & Ask Marriage Question


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