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Get 100% genuine Ruby Birthstone to Create miracles in your life

Ruby Gemstone, Benefits, day and date to wear, Ruby genuine birthstone in India with price and mantra

Ruby is the gemstone recommended to strengthen the Sun. One’s courage and will power may be increased by wearing ruby, and it will increase vitality and the ability to perceive things in a true and correct manner. It can help in developing spiritual insight, or looking within toward spiritual realization.


On the physical side, it may strengthen the heart and help digestion and metabolism. It should be noted that rubies are so powerful that if worn by the wrong person they may cause physical or mental imbalances in the categories governed by the Sun. Red tourmaline, called rubellite, or red spinel may be substituted for ruby and will give the same effects, although with somewhat less strength.


Rubies range from deep red to other tones depending on occupation or effects desired. A teacher, intellectual, or priest should wear a ruby of a pinkish-red color. A ruler, administrator, or military officer should have a blood red color ruby.


A merchant of any goods or produce, or one involved with banking or monetary instruments can wear a slightly pinkish-red to slightly orange-red color or can also wear the blood-red color. An artist, clerical person, or skilled or unskilled laborer would wear a ruby of a darker purple-red color.


You can a get a 100% purified and original Ruby from us. Along with Ruby you will get an authentic method of wearing the Ruby i.e. metal, day, date, time, mantra and finger to wear Ruby. 


Please Note: - Ruby would be 100% original and Laboratory tested. Hence, be tension free about the quality of Ruby. Just order now and enjoy the life with all comforts.


Shipping: We will ship this product at your door-step. Shipping in India is FREE. Shipping charges for out of India will depend on your location.


Contact us: If you are looking more information regarding this gem stone, please email us at offers loose gemstones in its Jewelry Store. You will get loose Ruby from us via Courier at your address. On your request we can set this gemstone into a gold ring or pendant also. But for gold you will need to pay extra funds. Send an email after placing order, if you want this stone set into a gold ring or pendant.
Shipping Details
Service Name Ruby Gemstone
Delivery Mode Courier
Shipping Location Worldwide
Product Price in Rs. Price in $ Weight in Ratti  
Ruby, 3.25 Ratti  6000  136  3.25  buynowimages
Ruby, 4.25 Ratti  9000  205  4.25  buynowimages
Ruby, 5.25 Ratti  15000  340  5.25  buynowimages
Ruby, 6.25 Ratti  19000  431  6.25  buynowimages
Ruby, 7.25 Ratti  21000  475  7.25  buynowimages
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