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Get 100% genuine Blue Sapphire Birthstone to Create miracles in your life

Blue Sapphire Gemstone, Benefits, day and date to wear, Blue Sapphire genuine birthstone in India with price and mantra

Blue sapphire is the gemstone recommended for strengthening Saturn. It can be beneficial to career or work and promote feelings of self-contentment or detachment. It is also said to counteract envy and give protection while traveling and from mental anxieties. Physically, it is said to strengthen the bones and cleanse the blood. Spiritually, it is an aid in meditation and it increases psychic abilities.


Blue sapphires are mainly heat-treated today to improve their intensity of color, as well as to melt certain "silk" inclusions to make them disappear from vision. It's important to know the gem you purchase is natural, not a common synthetic, and free from treatment with heat, or any other so-called "enhancements". Gems that have been heated have no potency. Its electromagnetic energy is destroyed through this process. They are useless other than for adorning the body, or getting some small benefit through the blue color alone.


A light colored stone can have good effects, but an over-dark stone will not. They even look "dead" to the eye and mostly these are heated stones, anyway. Again, as with all other gemstones, if you are not an expert gemologist yourself, be sure that the person you purchase from is and is reputable. We have seen many blue sapphires that have been sold as natural, but it is obvious that they are heat-treated to improve their appearance.


You can a get a 100% purified and original Blue Sapphire from us. Along with Blue Sapphire you will get an authentic method of wearing the Blue Sapphire i.e. metal, day, date, time, mantra and finger to wear opal. 


Please Note: - Blue Sapphire would be 100% original and Laboratory tested. Hence, be tension free about the quality of Blue Sapphire. Just order now and enjoy the life with all comforts.


Shipping: We will ship this product at your door-step. Shipping in India is FREE. Shipping charges for out of India will depend on your location.


Contact us: If you are looking more information regarding this gem stone, please email us at offers loose gemstones in its Jewelry Store. You will get loose Blue Sapphire from us via Courier at your address. We will not provide Blue Sapphire in a ring or pendant
Shipping Details
Service Name Blue Sapphire Gemstone
Delivery Mode Courier
Shipping Location Worldwide
Product Price in Rs. Price in $ Weight  
Blue Sapphire, 3.25 Ratti  42500  710  3.25  buynowimages
Blue Sapphire, 4.25 Ratti  60600  999  4.25  buynowimages
Blue Sapphire, 5.25 Ratti  75090  1255  5.25  buynowimages
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