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Astromitra is a group of learned and qualified Vedic astrologers of India. Most of the astrologers are 4th to 6th generation astrologers. We are following Hindu astrology. It is scientific astrology.  Our aim is providing best astrological consultation with remedial measures throughout the world.   We also want to aware all the people or believers of Hindu astrology from fraud astrologers, who are representing themselves as celebrity astrologers on internet via some astrological websites. We understand value of your money and care of your feelings.

Our All astrological reports and consultations are based on classical Indian Vedic astrology principles, our research, experience and modern astrology techniques. We try to do our best and we are committed to give best astrological consultation for our clients. However, we are neither God nor the writer of your destiny. We can only give you guideline to act upon; you have to put your efforts in order to get benefit from our guidelines. Kindly note, www.astromitra.com and its astrologers would not be responsible for any type of damage.

Best of Regards

Pramod Sharma
Vedic Astrologer & Director



Astrology Free Questions !! Ask Astrology Query !! Love Marriage Astrology Free !! Career Question Free Astrology !! Astrology Solutions Online !!

Astromitra:- Astromitra.com is a very reliable Indian astrological website founded by the leading astrologers of India. Stressing the statement that Indian astrology is a science, this website provides a service based on the ancient Indian Vedic astrology. This site offers Paid Services and Free Services whereby users can make questions about their career, marriage, love, education, children, traveling, Muhurat, finance, speculation, horoscope matching, health etc., or see the horoscope as well as different types of predictions in addition to free Vedic remedies. Other services include Free Daily Horoscope, Weekly Horoscope, Yearly Horoscope, Numerology, Horary Astrology, Articles on Astrology, Planetís Transit Forecast and Spiritual Guidance. Finally this site offers users a chance to get their monthly horoscope directly to their email box absolutely free after they enter their email address and zodiac sign.

Horoscope:- Indian Vedic astrology is a science and based on formulas just like other sciences. Astrology is the most difficult of all sciences. It is neither a physical science in the sense that physics or chemistry is; nor is it metaphysical. There is nothing like magic or anything else. All the upcoming events of oneís life are hidden in a horoscope. An expert as well as experienced astrologer can easily read hidden meaning of houses and planets to predict oneís future with all the important events of life. A horoscope is basically a sketch or diagram of the planetary positions in relationship to the earth at the time of one's birth. It shows which zodiacal sign is rising at the eastern horizon and in which signs the planets are placed, as well as which corner of the sky - which department of life or "house"- they occupy. The interactive relationship between the planets and the other elements of the horoscope (i.e. the houses and signs) form a sophisticated mathematical and symbolic model that mirrors one's life with amazing depth and fullness. The positions of the planets indicate which laws of nature were in effect at the time of birth. There are many interested things to predict or interpreate with the help of a horoscope. It is said by ancient sages that in the study of astrology nothing is more important, more difficult and more taxing than the proper judgment of a horoscope. The twelve houses represent the entire history of the individual. In order to analyze a horoscope properly and thoroughly each house should be carefully scrutinized. Sometimes it so happens that many of the principles of astrology given in even standard works do not hold exactly in actual charts. In such circumstances, conclusion should not be drawn that the principles of astrology are contradictory. On the other hand, a further analysis of the relations and interrelations of planets should be made. The precision of mathematics should be harmoniously combined with the intuitive capacity of a philosopher. Consequently no hard and fast rules can be laid down for guidance, except the broad principles. In order to examine a horoscope a good deal of judgment is required.

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